What support is available?

An introduction to the support and services available at our University.


Our Disability Advice Team offers support, information and guidance on any disability related matters within our University. Support is available to students with a range of disabilities and long term conditions such as …

Support is tailored on an individual basis in order to ensure access to the most effective support for you. Some examples of support other students have found useful are:

  • Exam or Assessment adjustments (e.g. extra time, use of a PC, etc.)
  • Referrals to other specialist teams (e.g. other Student Services teams and other professional services e.g. Accommodation, Skills or Careers)
  • Access to specialist or assistive software or equipment
  • One-to-one support including specialist mentoring, tutoring or study support
  • Support for their department to better understand the impact of their disability

There are also the following general support services:

  • Academic Skills Centre, which offers writing support
  • Maths and Statistics Help (MASH)
  • Student Money Advice
  • Counselling and Mental Health support
  • The Wellbeing Service


How could this affect me?

Getting used to life as a university student can be a challenge for anyone, it is important to know that there is support, information and resources available if you need them. Talking to us about the support available, any questions or concerns you have, and visiting campus, might help you make a decision whether you want to study with us, and ensure you have the best possible university experience if you do.

What to do next?

Contact the Disability Service to find out more about the support available at the University of Bath

Practical tips

Where possible we would suggest you contact our Disability Service as soon you have an offer of a place, even if you haven’t decided that you are definitely studying with us. This will give us plenty of time to talk about your support, give you an opportunity to look around our campus and ensure any support is in place for when you start.