The Campus Buddy Scheme

The University of Bath runs a Campus Buddy scheme for new students who have disclosed an Autism Spectrum Condition and/or Social Anxiety. This service provides informal support with the social and practical aspects of student life during the first semester at University, for example, navigation around campus and town, joining clubs and societies, etc.


What is a Campus Buddy?

Campus buddies are current students who have volunteered and undertaken relevant training. They have a good insight into what can help a new student settle into University life.

A campus buddy is paired with a new student with similar interests/hobbies and provides them with up to five hours support in Welcome Week and then up to one hour per week for the rest of semester one.

Students who have had a campus buddy have said:

‘I felt like I always had someone who could answer questions that I would otherwise be too scared to ask, like understanding how the laundry system worked and using the library. She also helped me feel really supported, and not at all isolated.’

‘I found that talking to my campus buddy was very effective in relieving my anxiety. It enabled me to feel more confident about university life.’

‘… knowing that the support is there if I want to go to an event, but I don’t want to go alone.’

‘I found having a campus buddy very helpful because I felt much more prepared for what was to come in the first year. My buddy was very friendly and I think the scheme will be particularly helpful for students with anxiety and intolerance for change.’

Practical tips

Email us for more information about the Campus Buddy scheme: